inner sweeping week

The story of this crime scene has already been told a few times in German crime history, with modifications of course. In the Derrick episode “Abitur” (1978), a teacher hits a man on a country road and commits a hit-and-run. The plot in the classic “Blechschaden”, the first crime scene of the recently deceased director Wolfgang Petersen from 1971, is similar. An unfocused man runs over a young person, commits a hit-and-run and later learns that the man who was hit was still alive: so he let the man bleed to death. That’s a heavy guilt that weighs on him from then on.

In the Stuttgart crime scene “The murderer in me” by Niki Stein, the lawyer Ben Dellien (Nicholas Reinke), who is speeding up in his big car, captures a homeless person and leaves him lying on the side of the road. The lawyer was under pressure: the job, the small children. And now, from one second to the next, life is ruined, or rather it is only broken if the deed can also be proven. So Dellien tries to cover his tracks in a sometimes adventurous way, but he gets more and more entangled. Because in all hit-and-run thrillers, Derrick and the two crime scenes , there are witnesses or accomplices who, for their part, have to decide how to behave – there then arises a second level of guilt, so to speak.

Finely lit: the atmosphere of the composed high earner family

The story is straightforward and clearly structured, the viewer knows more than the inspectors. The atmosphere of the completely composed high-income families, in which the names of the children all start with the same letter, is illuminated very finely, it is one of those pieces in which the question is not in the foreground: Who committed the crime? But: What does the deed do to the perpetrator? Here the remorseful Dellien torments himself, confides in his wife Johanna (Christina Hecke), who tries to help him: “You didn’t rap him on purpose.” But none of that gets the job done, the burden of this guilt is enormous, and the clever wife has to learn: You can’t get yourself and your partner back on track with an inner sweeping week.

A classic crime scene with the investigators veterans Lannert and Bootz (Richy Müller and Felix Klare), which works extremely well. Apart from the fact that the new commissioner candidate has to say terms like cybercrime in Swabian and is otherwise designed as a pure cliché and even a joke. Since one was in the German history of crime ever further.

The first, Sunday, 8:15 p.m.

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