Intoxication in the rotunda

The fine arts and the city of Munich have always been a love affair. No secret love, you want to show what you have. The history of the Wittelsbach collections, the proud painter princes and the courtly inspired bourgeoisie can basically be continued into the 21st century. Franz Duke of Bavaria, for example, stands for this connection like no other. And in certain circles it’s still part of being a member of the friends’ association of one of the most important museums .

At the pin festival on Friday evening, it’s wonderful to observe how it all mixes: the desire for self-expression, the joy of patronage, the passion for collecting, the commitment to an institution. Film producer Susanne Porsche tells, for example, how she bought a sculptural mop by the Munich artist Benjamin Bergmann for a good sum at one of the first pin auctions addressed”. Well, you have to have the right living space for that.

Twenty years of the Pinakothek der Moderne has been a reason to celebrate all week long, for example with the “Mix and Match” exhibition that has just opened, with a celebrity dinner on Thursday evening in the rotunda and now with the craziest, loudest pin festival , which has ever existed in the club’s long history.

The caterer quickly sets up sushi and oyster stands

Admission is just before 9 p.m., before that the catering service has to quickly set up the bars, the sushi station and the oyster stand after regular museum operations, because anyone who has paid a few hundred euros for the ticket would like to get the feeling to be spoiled.

20 years of Pinakothek der Moderne: The board of directors of the association: (back from left) Thomas Bachmaier, Stephanie Rechenberg, Annette Stadler, Klaus Schneider, (front) Sophie-Kathrin Kirchner, Dorothée Wahl, Katharina von Perfall.

The board of directors of the association: (back from left) Thomas Bachmaier, Stephanie Rechenberg, Annette Stadler, Klaus Schneider, (front) Sophie-Kathrin Kirchner, Dorothée Wahl, Katharina von Perfall.

(Photo: Sammy Hart/PIN)

Pin chairwoman Dorothée Wahl and her deputy Katharina von Perfall keep it short, after all the guests know what contribution they are making to the purchase budget and the public relations work of the state institution. Just two figures: the Pin Association has made 446 purchases and almost 90 exhibitions possible over the past two decades. “It’s also a milestone birthday for us,” says Dorothée Wahl in her brief greeting, “but we’re also 40 years older than the house.”

For once, there will be no charity auction with submitted works of art at the anniversary event, which will not take place again until November. Instead, this time interesting art people come under the hammer. The Director General of the State Painting Collections, Bernhard Maaz, for example. You can book it for a private evening where the professor will read from his new art history.

20 years Pinakothek der Moderne: techno performance with ever new improvisations and vibrant sound - the Munich band Slatec.

Techno performance with new improvisations and a vibrant sound – the Munich band Slatec.

(Photo: Sammy Hart/PIN)

Anyone who knows Maaz can guess: this will be a rather long, moody evening. The general director is amused as his market value continues to rise – up to 4,000 euros. And it goes on in time, the photographer Sammy Hart will soon photograph the family of a sponsor, the Austrian gallery owner Thaddaeus Ropac invites the highest bidder and his companion to an elegant dinner with the artist Imi Knoebel in the Emslieb Castle in Salzburg, the director of the Brandhorst Museum, Achim Hochdörfer , hires himself out as a grill master.

The performance of the Munich group Slatec is then sweaty. With their techno performance, constantly new improvisations and a vibrating sound, the musicians on drums, bass and trombone immediately spread an outrageously good mood. You’ve never seen the Friends of the Pin so elastic, there’s no stopping the dancers between 20 and 80, and if you close your eyes for a moment, you could almost believe you’ve landed at Harry Klein. So: an eventful, intoxicating night until three in the morning – you don’t even have to wear traditional costumes for that.

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