Jahn Regensburg with liberation: 2-0 against St. Pauli

Football – Regensburg : Jahn Regensburg with liberation: 2-0 against St. Pauli

Football - Regensburg: Regensburg's players celebrate Andreas Albers' second goal. Photo: Sven Beyrich/dpa
Regensburg’s players celebrate Andreas Albers’ second goal. Photo: Sven Beyrich/dpa (Photo: dpa)

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Regensburg (dpa/lby) – SSV Jahn Regensburg ended its series of bankruptcies in the 2nd Bundesliga with a brace from captain Andreas Albers against FC St. Pauli. An early penalty kick (8th) and a header in the 41st minute decided the home game on Sunday in a 2-0 (2-0) win against Hamburg in the first half. Previously, the Upper Palatinate had remained winless and goalless in six games in a row.

A controversial foul by Hamburg defender Betim Fazliji against Christian Viet earned the Upper Palatinate a penalty early on. Captain Albers then turned it into the bottom right corner with a well-aimed shot. In the 40th minute, the 32-year-old Dane scored again after a long cross from midfielder Viet.

In front of around 12,124 spectators, Regensburg were very combative in the first half. In the second half, however, coach Mersad Selimbegovic’s team mainly focused on the defensive. In the 87th minute, Captain Albers had the chance to make it 3-0 with a shot from 25 meters out. However, he failed at Hamburg goalkeeper Nikola Vasilj. Due to the liberation in the home game, the Upper Palatinate improved to eleventh place in the table.

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