Loud Servus

Bogus police officers usually want to relieve pensioners of their savings, but this one is drawn to the Oktoberfest:Herbert Achternbusch played a drunkard in a stolen police uniform in his film “Bierkampf”, in the Schottenhamel tent he drank away the visitors’ beers. He didn’t have a filming permit, the swaying crowd was real – and not exactly happy about the Bavarian anarchist and his cameraman. The film was released in the cinemas in 1977 and is now being shown again in public: the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts says goodbye to Achternbusch, who died in January of this year, with a “loud hello”, after the screening of his Wiesn film there is a conversation with him by the gallery owner Dany Keller and the journalist Claudius Seidl. The filmmaker Philip Gröning will moderate the evening.

Achternbusch farewell: beer fight and pictures, Thursday, Sep. 22, 7 p.m., Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts, Max-Joseph-Platz 3, www.badsk.de

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