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It went quickly with the cycle path from the Hebertshausen district of Walpertshofen to Pellheim, the neighboring town that already belongs to the city of Dachau . Only decided in the spring of last year by the Dachau city council and the Hebertshausen municipal council, the groundbreaking ceremony was last Thursday. And that was actually quite late, because the route next to the community connecting road from Walpertshofen to Pellheim has already been laid, the upper soil has been removed. What really sped things up was the strict government funding schedule.

As narrow as the community connecting road is, it represents the direct connection for the people of Pellheim to the S-Bahn station in Walpertshofen and is correspondingly busy. In addition, emphasized the Mayor of Hebertshausen, Richard Reischl (CSU) at the groundbreaking ceremony, it is also an important path for those looking for local recreation: mothers with prams, walkers, walkers and joggers; for all of them, the new cycle path will bring a significant increase in safety and comfort.

In just a few months, the purchase of the property was a done deal

The time in which the necessary land purchases by nine farmers were sealed was also record-breaking. “Many communities have much bigger problems,” said Reischl, who thanked the farmers as well as the mayor of Dachau, Florian Hartmann (SPD). Because 350 meters of the almost two kilometer long cycle path are on the Dachau corridor. Hartmann was pleased that Pellheim was finally getting a cycle path connection to the S-Bahn station, “that was a main reason for Dachau to agree to the construction and the cost sharing”. Overall, the new stretch of cycle path costs almost two million euros.

While government funding got the project off the ground, there were a few surprises with it. Because while the planning was already underway, the sad news came from the federal government that the funding pot had already been exhausted. The government of Upper Bavaria stepped in and will assume 70 to 80 percent of the construction costs, but in contrast to the federal government’s special program, no planning costs. For Hebertshausen and Dachau, however, that was no reason to stop construction.

The fact that it will still be a while before those looking for relaxation and S-Bahn commuters can use the cycle path is due to a second infrastructure measure that is also being tackled right away: the water pipes, which are appropriately located under the cycle path, are being renewed. That should start next week. The completion of the cycle path is scheduled for the middle of next year.

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