"Multiple sclerosis is the disease with a thousand faces"

Around 240,000 people in Germany suffer from multiple sclerosis. The disease progresses very individually, symptoms are often different – and require specific therapeutic approaches. Visit to a clinic that specializes in this.


Linus Freymark , Berg

It all started with Sabine Lutz in 2011. Although: Actually, you have to go further back. Much further, into the eighties. Lutz was in his mid-20s at the time and suddenly had hip problems. It won’t be that bad, she thought, the doctors didn’t find anything unusual either. And indeed: it got better again. In 2011, Lutz went to see a neurologist because she suddenly pulled her left leg while walking. The diagnosis was clear: multiple sclerosis, at the age of 51. “Of course it was a shock,” she says. Since then she has been certain: that time with the hip must have been the first push.

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