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Column by Heike A. Batzer

Sitting in the tavern, with good food and drink, chatting and listening to music: sounds cozy and it is. Alone, traditional background music is rarely heard in restaurants. In the Fürstenfeldbruck restaurant Marthabräu and its beer garden, musicians play regularly, which is why the Marthabräu can now call itself a “musician-friendly inn”.

In the Corona period, when many events had to be canceled and “otherwise not much could happen”, as Nadin Fischer says, the Marthabräu began with the customs weeks, which also included music. The Fürstenfeldbruck town band, which even at that time hardly had the opportunity to perform, made the start, later other brass bands also played in the beer garden under the chestnut trees. “It’s a nice backdrop,” says Nadin Fischer, who is responsible for strategic marketing at the Mahavi Group, which runs the Marthabräu. As a rule, the bands make live music for a good two hours, on the coming Sundays until the beginning of October it will be – weather permitting – the Brucker Stadtkapelle and the Schöngeising brass band. There were evenings when people in the beer garden would even start dancing to the music, remembers Fischer. That is entirely in line with the award. Because the separation artist here, audience there should not apply. Guests are free to join in.

22 restaurants awarded

As early as 1996, cultural and home care institutions in Bavaria, together with the Hotel and Restaurant Association, came up with the idea of distinguishing the tavern as a place of encounter and communication, if there is a framework for singers and musicians there. Ideally, the musicians play without a fee, only for drinks and snacks, for their own pleasure and to entertain the guests. The König-Ludwig-Brauerei, where the restaurant is located, also helps with the fact that in reality they also receive a little financial support. The Bavarian Minister of Finance and Homeland Albert Füracker (CSU) presented the award to a further 21 restaurants from all over Bavaria on Thursday in the Regensburg House of History. In the future, a metal sign will indicate the “musician-friendly inn” at the entrance.

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