Quartet with a clean slate – Kiel again front runner

Frankfurt/Main (dpa) – Record champion THW Kiel continues to be in a goal mood and, thanks to a 34:18 (17:9) victory at GWD Minden, has stormed back to the top of the table in the Handball Bundesliga.

Due to the clear success, the cup winner passed the Rhein-Neckar Löwen, who had the same number of points, again with 8:0 points due to the better goal difference. Title defender SC Magdeburg, who came to a 31:26 (15:14) at Frisch Auf Göppingen, and HC Erlangen are still without a point loss.

“We got off to a good start and are having fun,” said THW goalkeeper Niklas Landin after the confident performance. Minden’s trainer Frank Carstens stated: “There’s no cure for this THW if they pull through like this.” With five goals, Karl Wallinius was the top scorer for Kiel, who have scored 137 times in four games.

So far, only the Rhein-Neckar Löwen have shown themselves to be even more hungry for goals, beating TVB Stuttgart 43:30 on Saturday. After the botched pre-season, the Mannheimers are on the way back to old strength under new coach Sebastian Hinze. Benjamin Helander with eight goals and Patrick Groetzki with seven goals were the top scorers in their team.

Shocking moment for Magdeburg

Defending champion SC Magdeburg is still undefeated in third place. Three days after the victorious comeback in the Champions League at Dinamo Bucharest, Magdeburg needed some time to warm up, but the guests acted more effectively in the second half and pulled away by eight goals at 27:19 (45 th ). The winner’s top scorers were Omar Ingi Magnusson and Daniel Pettersson, each with six goals.

However, there was a moment of shock for the SCM in the final phase when Gisli Kristjansson injured his knee and had to leave the floor. The Icelander, who had injured his shoulder several times in recent years, gave the all-clear after the game. A diagnosis was initially pending.

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