Rain, knights, rock 'n' roll

The Kellers are sitting under a tent roof on Marienplatz in Wolfratshausen with meat loaf and potato salad. As the hail begins, the band Painted Desert , turned into a painted dessert in the city’s official Wirtefest flyer, play songs by The Police and the Eagles to ward off the cold and rain. “At Woodstock everyone yelled: no rain!” shouts bandleader Niko Waldherr defiantly. Shortly thereafter, he and his band played the Eagles hit “Take it Easy – a good motto for the Wirtefest, which is taking place again after a two-year break due to the pandemic, traditionally on the day of the Wiesn tapping. In any case, the Kellers are hardly impressed by the cold rain. “Just doing for the bands and sorry they have to set up and tear down in this weather.”

When the second mayor Josef Eibl (CSU) opened the third Wolfratshauser Wirtefest at 5 p.m. sharp in front of the Loisachhalle, Andreas Kutter from the municipal cultural department was still eagerly distributing the lovingly designed booklets listing the 17 venues. The musical prelude will be provided by the Corpo Bandistico from Wolfratshausen’s twin town of Manzano. Even Manzano’s mayor Piero Furlani has come. The former SPD city councilor and chairwoman of the partnership association Roswitha Beyer recalls how the friendship with Manzano was born out of necessity: the city in Friuli was hit by a devastating earthquake in 1976, and a BRK delegation co-organized by the recently deceased Wilfried Weigand from Wolfratshausen helped back then. “It’s so important to keep friends in these times,” says Furlani, and Eibl also emphasizes how nice it is that the host festival can take place despite all the crises. When a few tears spill, it’s time for encouragement, which the Corpo provides with brass band music and Italian hits like Azzurro .

Gastronomy and music: The Corpo Bandistico from the Italian twin town of Manzano will provide the musical prelude in front of the Loisachhalle.

The Corpo Bandistico from the Italian twin town of Manzano will provide the musical prelude in front of the Loisachhalle.

(Photo: Manfred Neubauer)

At the junction of Humplgasse from Obermarkt stands a knight in full regalia, double-headed ax firmly in hand, visor down. Florian Fischer from the Wolfratshau castle club “Lupi Albi” assures him that he’s not cold even when it’s almost 10 degrees – and refers to his warm knight’s underwear. Plus, he sweats with every step. After all, his armor weighed “about 30 kilograms including chain mail”. Fischer wants to draw the attention of Wirtefest visitors to the Burgschenke, where the band Brachmond from Fürstenfeldbruck performs. With success: the crowd there is already so great at half past six that you can only catch a glimpse of bagpipe player Valentin Seipt. Anyone who has forgotten the topic of Corona in the happy crowd will be reminded of it again in the vintage shuttle buses provided by the Omnibus Club Munich. There is a strict mask requirement there, unlike in the bars and taverns.

Gastronomy and music: Vintage cars as a shuttle bus: Every half hour, vehicles from the Omnibus Club drive guests from pub to pub.

Vintage cars as a shuttle bus: Every half hour, vehicles from the Omnibus Club drive guests from pub to pub.

(Photo: Manfred Neubauer)

In the small dining room of the Bernhofer chocolate factory in the Obermarkt, where the yodeling drag queen Sushi Glas appears in a dirndl and sings while looking at the tempting contents of the counter that she’s “being so hungry again”, one sits comfortably and contemplatively. In the newly opened town hall café on the Loisachufer, around 80 visitors are already bustling about, and Alejandra Marini makes them bob along with Argentinian-Spanish rhythms. The noise level is impressive, and there was a great deal of curiosity about the café, which was designed in an elegant restraint with an exposed concrete ceiling and large-format photographs.

When the rain subsides at 7 p.m., the city center has already filled up, despite the still cooler temperatures. Meanwhile, Mista Wicked plays warming reggae at the Bergkarmerhof high above the city under a tent roof in front of Café Herzblut. In the Zeppelin Bar in the commercial area, which Sepp Schwarzenbach opened again for the Wirtefest before it finally closes, it’s significantly warmer, but the evening hasn’t started yet. From 8 p.m. Miss Pearl & Packed Rich and the Greenery Force were to perform there. At twenty past eight the stage is still empty, a few scattered guests are sitting in the nightclub. When the boss arrives half an hour later, he is greeted enthusiastically by the workforce.

Gastronomy and music: Patrick Granado aka Sushi Glas performs as a drag queen in the Bernhofer chocolate factory.

Patrick Granado aka Sushi Glas appears as a drag queen in the Bernhofer chocolate factory.

(Photo: Manfred Neubauer)

Then on to Waldram, where the band Merged is playing in the Gasthof zur Post. But because she’s on a break right now, after a short refreshment we continue to the Gasthof Aujäger and the Bonny Tones . And they make the tavern in the Pupplinger Au a cauldron. Bandleader Maxi Nachtmann and company have the audience under control, the people are dancing, the guest room is raging to pieces like Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls of Fire”, the good old “Schickeria” of the Spider Murphy Gang and Chuck Berry’s “Roll over Beethoven”. And guest musician Viktor Vollmer also impressed his newly arrived father Titus with Ray Charles’ “I don’t need a doctor”. After almost six hours of the inn festival, you have gained an impressive picture of the diverse gastronomic landscape of Wolfratshausen and can go home satisfied. Even if the evening is just beginning for many.

Gastronomy and music: fun despite the rain: the band "Painted Desert" performing on Marienplatz.

Fun despite the rain: The band “Painted Desert” during their performance on Marienplatz.

(Photo: Manfred Neubauer)

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