Sexual violence against children: platform operators in court

Processes – Frankfurt am Main : Sexual violence against children: platform operator in court

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Frankfurt/Main (dpa) – The trial against the alleged operators of an Internet platform, whose members exchanged depictions of sexual violence against children, will continue this Monday (9.15 a.m.) in front of the Frankfurt Regional Court. A 49-year-old from the district of Mühldorf am Inn in Bavaria and a 60-year-old from northern Germany, who last lived in Paraguay, are accused. They are said to have set up the “BoysTown” platform on the so-called Darknet in the summer of 2019. A 41-year-old from the Paderborn district and a 66-year-old from Hamburg are also charged. Two of the men are said to have inflicted sexual violence on children themselves.

The public prosecutor’s office had needed several hours to read out the indictment at the start of the trial last week. The public was partially excluded. This Monday, the accused have the opportunity to comment on the allegations in court.

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