Sin against domestic culture

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Christopher Kneer

That Rahn would have to shoot from the background and shot is part of German football history; that Neuer beheads from the background, on the other hand, is rather new. Of course, it’s always worth telling when a goalkeeper heads the ball and another goalkeeper saves the ball, because it follows the so-called man-bites-dog rule: the unusual story is always the best. Seen in this way, the scene with the goalkeepers Neuer (Munich) and Gikiewicz (Augsburg) will certainly be seen a few more times, which is also justified for aesthetic reasons. Nice header, great save. However, it is not justified if you are really interested in an unusual story. Because it was in the nature of things that Neuer and only Neuer would be the one who would make one last passionate attempt at the end of the game in Augsburg. Cross-check: who else?

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