splendor in costume

Festively dressed in traditional costume, the Pöcking brass band took part in the traditional costume parade through Munich to the Wiesn on Sunday. From the district, the almost seven-kilometer-long procession consisting of a total of around 9,000 participants also included the Bernried home and traditional costume association, the brass band from Hechendorf and almost 80 members of the Tutzinger guild.

Tradition: Members of the Hechendorf brass band at the parade.

Members of the Hechendorf brass band at the parade.

(Photo: Stephan Rumpf)

Their treasurer Andreas Weigmann was relieved at midday in the Armschützen marquee: “The weather held up, the mood was great”. Early in the morning, the people of Tutzing slipped into the historical costumes of the fishermen, styled their hair and coordinated their accessories. The women wore a long black skirt, bodice, jacket and apron made of silk and a so-called Kranl (crown) or Bramerl (fabric hood bordered with otter fur) on their heads. The men marched in lederhosen with shirt and waistcoat and jacket or frock coat. Costume warden Ulrike Weiß checked all club members again, says Weigmann – “that the socks fit properly and nobody wears a modern watch”. Afterwards everyone had a beer and a chicken in the marquee.

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