Three aerial bombs defused in Schwentinental near Kiel

Schwentinental (dpa/lno) – Three bombs were defused on Sunday in Schwentinental (Ploen district) near Kiel. The defusing went without problems, said a police spokeswoman. The road closures in the area were lifted and around 1,000 residents were able to return to their homes. The explosive ordnance clearance service discovered the duds from World War II on Thursday during exploratory work in a paddock. It was a British 500 kg bomb and two American 250 kg bombs.

The defusing of the two smaller duds went very quickly, said the spokeswoman. The larger British bomb was no longer transportable. To render them harmless, the employees of the explosive ordnance clearance service needed special tools. The British bomb’s detonator was removed and detonated in a controlled manner. The entire campaign was able to be completed faster than planned, it said.

The city made the Schwentinehalle available as emergency accommodation. Around 40 residents had gathered there, said the spokeswoman. During the approximately three-hour defusing, federal highway 76 was also closed. Rail traffic was not affected.

As a naval and shipyard location, Kiel was repeatedly heavily bombed during World War II. According to the city archives, the first air raids took place on July 2, 1940, and the last on the night of May 3, 1945. A total of 44,000 high-explosive bombs, 900 mine bombs and around 500,000 firebombs fell in 90 air raids. Almost 3,000 civilians died and 167,000 residents were left homeless.

Duds were and are discovered during construction work or when evaluating aerial photographs. Last year, 22 bombs were rendered harmless in Schleswig-Holstein.

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