Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition is eliminated from LoL EU Masters

Berlin (AP) – Unicorns of Love: Sexy Edition narrowly lost the quarter-finals against Team Heretics in the League of Legends tournament European Masters 2: 3. The Prime League champions are the last German representative to be eliminated.

“We’re not thinking much about the LEC yet. That’s what the organization is preparing for in the background,” said Heretics coach Fayan “Gevous” Pertjis in an interview after the game. “I have massive respect for the Unicorns and Sheepy as a coach. I’m happy with the win.”

Last tournament for Heretics before LEC debut

After the departure of the two British-Nordic representatives, the Unicorns and Heretics remained as the last two non-French Liga LFL competitors. The Spanish champions, who will replace Misfits in the LEC next season, achieved their first success in a duel. Heretics secured the lead in a slowly played game. But the Unicorns immediately hit back with a clear victory and equalized the series again.

With the third game, Heretics put the German champions under pressure, however, because the team got the second win and a match point along with a pentakill by botlaner Jakob “Jackspectra” Gullvag Kepple. But USE showed nerves of steel and saved themselves in a fifth game, which had to bring the decision.

Unicorns lose playoff despite good performance

This developed into a highly exciting game: Heretics initially gained advantages via the strong bot lane, but USE fought back with good team fights and at times looked like the better team. Even after almost 30 minutes everything was still open until Heretics won two fights, first of all the reinforcement by the Baron and later also the victory.

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