With art against plastic waste

The Artists’ Association Dachau (KVD) has once again teamed up with the District Office for an awareness campaign. For eight weeks, seven artistically designed posters will be on display in public places in the city of Dachau. They are intended to raise awareness of the new rules for waste disposal that are now being applied in the Dachau district : if waste disposal comes across plastic in the organic waste bin, in future it will first warn the polluter with a “yellow card”. If there is plastic in the brown bin again at the next collection date, there is a “red card”. As a result, the garbage disposal no longer empties the bin; further sanctions are not planned.

“Art has a social responsibility,” said Dachau district administrator Stefan Löwl (CSU) at the presentation of the poster series in the foyer of the district office. The cooperation between the authorities and the artists’ association already existed with the “Coffee to go” campaign, where the aim was to reduce plastic waste by dispensing with disposable cups and using reusable cups instead. These are already offered in numerous bakeries in Dachau. The new poster campaign will also take place on social media. Schools can request posters. “Plastic in organic waste leads to plastic in the fields,” explains Löwl. This is how plastic gets into the food chain and ultimately into the human body.

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