"A disaster of the first order"


Claudia Tieschky

For a few weeks, a man was the top crisis manager at RBB, who always openly formulated criticism of the ARD and its control bodies: Dieter Pienkny suddenly became acting chairman of the Broadcasting Council on August 20, committee chief Friederike von Kirchbach had resigned in the course of the Schlesinger affair . As her deputy, Pienkny, who was delegated to the Broadcasting Council by the German Federation of Trade Unions, quickly had to solve the problem that the turbulent atmosphere in the broadcaster meant that an interim director had to be elected – a situation that the law does not provide for. Katrin Vernau is now interim director of RBB , and on Thursday the broadcaster’s broadcasting council will elect a new regular chairman. Pienkny, 68, wants to finish his committee work next spring.

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