After Corona: Still problems for running events

Berlin (dpa) – Many running events in Germany continue to have problems with declining numbers of participants and falling budgets. This was pointed out by the long-time race director of the Frankfurt marathon, Jo Schindler. “The situation is difficult,” said Schindler in an interview with the German Press Agency. “All have a decline.”

However, Schindler sees the Berlin marathon taking place this Sunday “a bit out of the question because they have a different budget”. In the capital there are more than 45,000 entries for the 42.195-kilometer race, the organizers there see themselves at about the level of 2019 and thus before the Corona crisis.

The Frankfurt marathon, in which shorter distances are also offered, will take place again for the first time on October 30th after a two-year break. Three weeks earlier there is also a marathon and races over shorter distances in Magdeburg. Ralf Eger explained for the organizers with regard to the situation with the sponsors: “Long-term partners no longer exist.” In view of the overall economic situation, he expects entry fees to increase next year. In Magdeburg, too, there were fewer registrations than before. After once 6000 there are now 4500.

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