Artificial intelligence in the judiciary is progressing

Hechingen (dpa/lsw) – The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in civil proceedings is currently being tested at the Hechingen district court with new software intended to support judges in civil proceedings. According to Justice Minister Marion Gentges (CDU), the assistance program called Codefy should, for example, better structure lawyers’ briefs.

In tenancy law proceedings, for example, the judge selects the investigating assistant who specializes in tenancy disputes. The program then searches the entire file and provides results that are crucial in the process. With one click, the judge can see on which page of the file a counterclaim can be found. The test assistant also shows the judge directly on which pages the plaintiff and the defendant are presenting something, for example on the disputed issue of “ancillary cost billing”.

“Every time “Codefy” is used, however, the traditional division of labor remains. The software assists,” said Gentges on Thursday in Hechingen. Only the judges are concerned with the content processing, review and decision. “Basically, the program is nothing more than an assistant: He can do a lot of preparatory work, but in the end it’s always a person who makes the decision.”

According to Gentges, the Ministry of Justice has also developed the concept of a nationwide uniform AI portal. It provides for the IT systems of all states and the federal government to be connected to the uniform portal. The aim is to create a nationwide framework for judiciary AI and thus enable innovations, said Gentges.

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