Associations against "parent taxis"

Berlin (dpa) – Several associations have reaffirmed their demands to send children to school as independently as possible. “The parents’ taxi must be a thing of the past,” it said on Thursday in a joint statement from the German Children’s Fund, the ecological traffic club VCD and the Education and Training Association.

A Forsa survey of parents and teachers, presented by the associations on the same day, showed that 11 percent of primary school teachers in Germany experienced a dangerous situation in front of their school almost daily and 19 percent weekly in the last school year. This was caused by parents who brought their child by car. These numbers are alarming, it said.

According to the survey, many parents and many teachers suspect that children are taken by car out of convenience and fear of letting the child go to school alone. “In order for children to be able to make their way to school independently, we need safe cycle paths and footpaths everywhere,” demanded VCD chairwoman Kerstin Haarmann.

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