Attack with a beer mug on folders in the Augustiner tent

6th Oktoberfest Day

Worship service in the Wiesn tent: Showman pastor baptizes offspring: Four children were baptized during a service at the Oktoberfest on Thursday. The older sister of a baptized girl received communion for the first time. Showmen, market traders, Oktoberfest landlords, Oktoberfest employees as well as friends and guests followed the celebration in the Marstall tent next to the main entrance of the festival. During the service, however, they were left out of the water: the beer service began later on the day of the service. The Oktoberfest service originated in the 1950s.

In the past, not everything was better at the Wiesn : Was the Oktoberfest once completely different – or was it a little like today? About questionable shows, the Bavarian Hercules and things that never change. A look back in pictures.

Between intoxication and religion: Sascha Ellinghaus travels across Germany with the showmen as an Oktoberfest pastor. Always included: a portable altar and a mobile organ. But how do faith and excessive celebration go together?

5th Oktoberfest day

Bräurosl landlord will change the band in the evening in the future: The music of the brass band Josef Menzel was apparently so badly received by many Wiesn visitors that the Bräurosl is now taking action and replacing the band with another band in the evening while the Wiesn is still running . The accusation: too boring, no party music, no atmosphere in the tent. Because of this, there had been numerous complaints and negative comments on the Internet. Those responsible said in a press conference on Wednesday afternoon that the audience was not yet ready for the hard change from party music, which could be heard in the tent before the pandemic, to pure brass music. Now there will be a change around 7.30 p.m., a new band will play party music for the visitors again. Originally there was even talk of completely replacing the chapel. It seems they have moved away from that now. It remains to be seen whether this will fix the problems. Some guests also complained about the service in the tent and the kitchen.

Folder Masskrug hit on the head: A 52-year-old man from Brandenburg immediately hit the Augustiner tent with the Masskrug at around 10:15 p.m. on Tuesday when he was asked by two security service employees not to dance on the table. The tourist hit a 62-year-old jug so hard on the head that the glass shattered. When trying to steal the remains of the jug from the man, the second security officer cut his hand. Other security guards informed the medical service and alerted the police. They arrested the machine builder, who was drunk with a blood alcohol level of 1.9 per mille, and filed a complaint for dangerous bodily harm. After the identification measures, he was released from custody that night.

When everything in the Beetle tent revolves around cars and dirndls: After a two-year break, the new Bayern boss at Mercedes-Benz invites you to the Ladies’ Oktoberfest. Why 100 more or less prominent women accepted the invitation.

Drunk man kicks security staff: A 21- year-old Belgian apparently didn’t see or didn’t understand because of his alcohol level, which was later determined to be 1.9 per mille, that the tents at the Oktoberfest will also close at some point. In any case, on Tuesday evening he had been escorted out of the already closed Fischer-Vroni several times and obviously got back in again and again. When he tried again around 11:45 p.m., he was stopped by a 40-year-old security officer. The young Belgian then kicked the man so hard in the knee that he had to be taken to the hospital for inpatient treatment. The notified police officers arrested the 21-year-old. Because he has no permanent residence in Germany, an investigating judge should decide on the question of detention on Wednesday.

On this day you should go to the Wiesn: After the wet start, the weather for the Oktoberfest is getting nicer again – but that doesn’t last too long. What a weather expert advises for the visit – and when a special Wiesn rule could take effect.

Neuer and Goretzka have positive corona tests: FC Bayern attended the Oktoberfest on Sunday, and now Manuel Neuer and Leon Goretzka have positive corona tests. Both have meanwhile left the team quarters of the German national soccer team. This was announced by DFB press spokeswoman Franziska Wülle on Wednesday in Frankfurt. The two Bayern pros will be out for the last Nations League games of the year on Friday in Leipzig against Hungary and on Monday in England. Both players attended the Oktoberfest with the team on Sunday, but it is still unclear to what extent there is a connection between the infection and the Oktoberfest visit.

Oktoberfest singer in an interview: “Layla is definitely the Oktoberfest hit”: Michael Peyerl, singer in the Hackerzelt, talks about why he likes to start the controversial song in the beer tent – and why fewer people are coming this year, but the atmosphere is even more exuberant.

Man shows the Hitler salute on the festival grounds: The Criminal Police Department 4, which is responsible for politically motivated crimes, is looking for an approximately 50-year-old man who showed the Hitler salute several times on Tuesday around 6.30 p.m. near the main entrance to the Augustiner tent target. A 22-year-old from Friedrichshafen informed a Munich police group about the incident at around 6:30 p.m., but an immediate search was unsuccessful. The 22-year-old described the suspect as 1.85 meters tall and strong, with short, dark hair slicked back; he was wearing a red and magenta traditional shirt and a beige jacket. Witnesses are asked to contact the police on 089/29100.

4th Oktoberfest day

The mayor of Munich gets a lion jersey: After FC Bayern, the TSV 1860 team has now also made an appearance at the Wiesn. On Tuesday evening, the team headed by coach Michael Köllner went to the Hacker marquee. In addition to beer and one or two pretzels, the mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter (SPD), also got a Oktoberfest jersey from the lions with his name on it. It is unlikely that you will see riders in them more often. The Munich mayor is considered a fan of FC Bayern.

Newsblog for Oktoberfest 2022: Dieter Reiter is presented with a lion jersey.

Dieter Reiter is presented with a lion jersey.

(Photo: Ulrich Wagner/IMAGO)

When the influencer caravan moves across the Oktoberfest: As soon as Cathy Hummels and her influencers visit the Oktoberfest, abysses open up – which one likes to look into. About dubious immune boosters, Oktoberfest wormholes and a nightly dance in front of the Bavaria with bunny ears.

Investigators arrest sex offenders. A 28-year-old grabbed a young woman’s skirt on the edge of the Oktoberfest early Tuesday morning – under the eyes of the police. The attack happened around 12:40 a.m. when pickpocket officers from Munich and Frankfurt were on patrol. On a park bench next to the festival site, they discovered a man grabbing under the skirt of a clearly intoxicated young woman. The 28-year-old suspect, who lives in the Ebersberg district, was immediately arrested by the police. He now faces a prison sentence of six months to five years. Representatives of the security authorities had already made it clear before the Oktoberfest that sexualised violence was not a “minor crime”. You will be pursued with all means.

Wiesn visitors attack police officers. Police officers were attacked twice by unruly revelers at the Oktoberfest on Monday evening. Around 6 p.m., a 36-year-old from the Stuttgart area repeatedly attacked a group of officers who were on a patrol. When he was arrested, he offered considerable resistance and therefore had to be taken into custody and taken to the Oktoberfest police station. Just an hour later, a 28-year-old from Brescia, Lombardy, grabbed a police officer and tried to pull her to the ground. He also put up massive resistance to his arrest. A friend and the attacker’s father later tried unsuccessfully to free the arrested man. The two young men initially ended up in the detention center of the police headquarters.

Tuesday is family day – this is how you can get to the Oktoberfest cheaply with children: A stroll through the Oktoberfest can quickly become expensive for families. But if you know the right contact points, you can save money.

Fewer patients at the wet Oktoberfest: Continued wet and cold weather dampened interest in the Oktoberfest on Monday. There was little activity on the streets of the festival grounds – most were drawn to the beer tent. The Oktoberfest medical station has had to take care of fewer patients than at the last Oktoberfest in 2019 – before the corona pandemic. The Aich ambulance announced on Monday that it was particularly quiet on Sunday due to the weather. The majority of patients were between 16 and 25 years old. Blister plasters were particularly in demand. One reason was probably the kilometer-long traditional costume and riflemen’s procession through the city. The teams treated almost 620 patients on Saturday and Sunday – in 2019 there were almost 560 on Saturday alone.

3rd Oktoberfest day

When the Oktoberfest becomes a relationship killer: Contacts are made quickly at the Oktoberfest – including sexual ones. Couples therapist Heike Melzer on the question of where cheating begins and special rules of conduct for visiting the marquee (SZ Plus).

Two out of a hundred visitors Corona positive: A random sample by the Alpha Rescue Munich in cooperation with the local radio station Gong 96.3 showed that two out of 100 Wiesn visitors were infected with the corona virus. Test manager Jürgen Top explained that visitors of different ages and backgrounds were specifically selected for the mass test. The viral load of the infected people was very high, but the infected did not show any symptoms. Nick Lisson from Radio Gong 96.3 commented on the result by calling on all visitors to the Oktoberfest to undergo a self-test before entering the festival grounds. That’s what OB Dieter Reiter (SPD) recommended. Another check will be carried out next weekend.

Almauftrieb at the Wiesn: 998 more or less celebrities are on the VIP list for the Almauftrieb in the Käfer tent. The admission takes extra long, but the post is inside. Despite the current tension at FC Bayern, Manuel Neuer seemed very relaxed.

2nd Oktoberfest day

The balance sheet for the opening weekend : After a two-year Corona break, the mayor taps with three punches. You can feel how great the longing of the visitors was for the Wiesn – they celebrate enthusiastically, but without masks. And innkeepers and showmen breathe a sigh of relief.

Around 700,000 guests on the first Oktoberfest weekend: According to estimates by the festival management, around 700,000 visitors attended the Oktoberfest on the first weekend in wet and cold weather. That was significantly fewer than at the Wiesn 2019 before the corona pandemic – at that time the number of visitors was around one million. Wiesn boss Clemens Baumgärtner (CSU) said on Sunday that he was looking forward to a relaxed start. “For the next two weeks, we hope that Petrus will remember what decent Wiesn weather looks like.”

Attempted killing : Oktoberfest visitor in Schwabing stabbed: The 41-year-old tourist had a deep stab wound in his upper body when he was found. He had to be operated on.

FC Bayern celebrates despite the bad mood: One day after the bankruptcy against FC Augsburg, FC Bayern met to celebrate in Käfer’s Wiesn-Schänke . However, the mood remained subdued.

Sexual assault on the first day of the Wiesn: in front of the hacker tent, a tourist tried to kiss and touch his companion against her will. She drew attention to herself with calls for help.

The traditional costume and rifle clubs move from Maximilianstraße through the old town to the Theresienwiese : With around 9,000 participants and seven kilometers in length, the traditional costume parade is one of the largest in the world . Flag-wavers, hunters and members of bands and marching bands also take part. Every year, many traditional costume wearers come from abroad. The seven-kilometre parade is led by the “Münchner Kindl” Viktoria Ostler.

The spectacle first took place in 1835. At that time, people in traditional costume and marksmen ran through the city on the silver wedding anniversary of King Ludwig I and Therese of Bavaria. The couple’s marriage had established the Oktoberfest in Munich 25 years earlier in 1810 .

Rainy weather and gusts of wind before the costume parade: The weather on the first Wiesn weekend is actually good – but this year neither wind nor rain are keeping up with tradition. After all: Munich is spared from the gusts of wind that have been announced, especially in the Alps and in the Bavarian Forest . But for the expected 9,000 participants in the traditional costume procession through downtown Munich, which starts at 10 a.m., it will be cold, damp – and after a two-year corona break, probably still happy.

1st Oktoberfest day

Federal police see less crowds at the Oktoberfest: According to the first impressions of the federal police, the crowds at the Oktoberfest in Munich are slightly lower than usual at the start of this year. , and there are still no “mass problems,” said a spokesman for the Federal Police Inspectorate in Munich.

First “beer corpse” taken care of at Oktoberfest: Drink until you drop: The first “beer corpse” was taken care of at the Oktoberfest around two hours after it was tapped. At 2:07 p.m., a “completely drunk” young woman was admitted, said the spokesman for the Aicher Ambulance medical station, Markus Strobl, on Saturday. 24 minutes later, a young man in his mid-20s was taken care of. In other years, the first victims of alcohol were reported hours before the tapping.

Short trip to the Oktoberfest: Lots of rain on the festival grounds, rider’s tapping is a little weak – and then an ex-chancellor shows up. Ten impressions from the first day at the Oktoberfest.

Munich’s mayor opens the Oktoberfest with three punches: After two years of pandemic, Munich’s mayor seems to be a bit rusty in the end: Dieter Reiter needed three punches this year. Shortly before the tapping, Bavaria’s prime minister becomes fundamental – and defends the singing of the sexist song Layla at the Oktoberfest.

Rush to the festival grounds – thousands flock to the Oktoberfest: Three hours before the official opening of the Munich Oktoberfest, thousands of Wiesn visitors have already flocked to the festival grounds. Shortly after 9 a.m. on Saturday, the premises on the Theresienwiese opened. As a result, many who had waited in long queues since dawn rushed off to get a good seat in a beer tent.

What you should know about the Oktoberfest: Want to go to the Oktoberfest spontaneously and celebrate in a tent? This may perhaps succeed Munich or people from the surrounding area. Non-Oktoberfest professionals will quickly notice that there are one or two pitfalls. How long are the Oktoberfest tents open? What do I have to consider when visiting? And what are the most important dates? An overview.

One day before tapping

From A for exit to Z for teeth: After a two-year break, a little reminder of what can be expected on the Theresienwiese until October 3rd .

“The extreme party people don’t come to us”: Because of the Wiesn, the prices for hotel rooms in Dachau are also rising. How expensive is an overnight stay and how great is the demand from hoteliers .

The collateral damage of beer consumption at the Oktoberfest: At the Oktoberfest, homage is paid to alcohol. Last time, in 2019, 7.3 million liters of beer were drunk. A toxicologist explains the risks of intoxication in the SZ podcast “Auf den Punkt” – and revenge after excess.

The woke Wiesn: No more sexist songs and offensive decorations, sustainable and vegan cuisine, many offers for the gay and lesbian community: How the Oktoberfest is changing – and why.

Wiesn start cool and wet, but on schedule: rain and a maximum of eleven degrees – the weather is not cooperating with the first Wiesn start after two festivals canceled due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, the Oktoberfest start on Saturday does not fall through the cracks, it remains meticulously in the long-planned process. The reason for the uncomfortable weather with rain is a cold front that crosses Bavaria coming from the north. In Munich it will probably be eleven degrees at most. It’s also getting windy – feels even colder. On Sunday for the big costume and riflemen’s procession through Munich to the Oktoberfest, it will probably also remain uncomfortable, the temperatures are only marginally higher.

Historic strike at the Oktoberfest: bad weather, high prices: the Oktoberfest always gives cause for lamentation. 100 years ago even the fairground rides stood still for days because of a strike.

Oktoberfest will trigger a corona wave: According to data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the incidences regularly skyrocketed after folk festivals, most recently after the Gillamoos in Abensberg. Almost two weeks after the start, the corona incidence in the Kelheim district exceeded the 1000 mark. “Of course it will lead to an increase in the number of cases,” says Johannes Bogner, head of the Clinical Infectious Diseases Section at the LMU Clinic of the university Munich also about the Wiesn. “It is very well documented that after local events there is a measurable increase in the number of cases.”

Söder comes without a mask: Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) wants to visit the Wiesn without mouth and nose protection: “The corona situation is currently stable,” the CSU politician recently told the Bild newspaper. “Everyone should decide for themselves whether and how they visit the Wiesn.” And with a view to Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD): “I am surprised at Mr. Lauterbach’s exaggerated messages.” There is “no growing burden in the hospitals”. Lauterbach responded on Twitter: “I wish everyone a good Oktoberfest. I’m not a spoilsport either, dear @Markus_Soeder. Nevertheless, I ask everyone who goes to test themselves beforehand. I appeal to mutual consideration.”

Wiesn is a superspreading event with an announcement: the officials did not issue any conditions for the festival, there are hardly any reports of tent operators that they had purchased air filter systems on a large scale, and there is nothing to be heard of a mask recommendation apart from the hint that fabric can be used the lips now just difficult wegexen several measures. Every visitor suspects that, and yet millions will take part. Why? An essay (SZ Plus).

Two days before tapping

This is the news at the Wiesn: If it’s been three years since there was an Oktoberfest last time because of Corona, then the tension naturally increases: what’s on offer this time, how do you get out of the low mood? This year there are new marquees, carousels and even a computer tomography. The city presented the innovations during a tour of the Wiesn. Nostalgics can look forward to a very special show. An overview of all innovations.

Subway switches to Oktoberfest mode – escalators with more speed: At the start of the Oktoberfest on Saturday, the Munich transport company (MVG) switches to Wiesn mode. Then more underground trains than usual go to the Theresienwiese – and the escalators are set up faster. “We are condensing the clock on the U4/U5 lines so that during the Oktoberfest, depending on the time of day, a train runs between Theresienwiese and the city center every 2.5 to 3.3 minutes,” explained an MVG spokesman. This roughly doubles the clock rate. If the platform is full anyway, a subway will sometimes drive through without stopping to the next station. The escalators – in Germany traveling at 0.5 meters per second according to a DIN standard – are set to 0.68 meters per second at the Theresienwiese during the Oktoberfest rush hour. But nobody will lose their balance because of the speed – in many countries, escalators are moving at a higher speed even in normal operation.

A “Café Mohrenkopf” at the Oktoberfest? Outdated: Katharina Wiemes gives her Wiesn tent a new name. It is now called “Café Theres” in honor of the Bavarian Queen, whose marriage to the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig in 1810 was the impetus for the folk festival that the Bavarian state capital proudly calls the largest in the world today.

Lufthansa crew flies in costume: Shortly before the start of the Oktoberfest on Saturday in Munich, Lufthansa flight attendants in dirndls and lederhosen are ready to take off. The first costume flights took off on Thursday from Munich to Rio de Janeiro and San Diego. More to Boston and New York will follow on September 26, the airline announced. According to the announcement, the Lufthansa employees in passenger care in Terminal 2 also greet the passengers in traditional costume. Instead of the classic uniform, the women wear dirndls and the men wear traditional suits. On more than 800 long-haul flights to 33 destinations from Frankfurt and Munich, the crew will serve Bavarian specialties in First Class and Business Class until the end of the festival on October 3rd. In addition, guests receive roasted almonds, Oktoberfest chocolates and gingerbread hearts.

The Wiesn as a cultural event: There are pop concerts, folk music, historical tours, jewelery art – even the marionette theater is represented. What is culturally offered at the Oktoberfest.

FC Bayern special jersey for Oktoberfest: FC Bayern Munich has a new Oktoberfest jersey just in time for the Oktoberfest. As the German soccer record champion announced on Thursday, this year’s dress has a dark red base color with a fine diamond pattern. “The logo, the accents on the sleeves, the three stripes on the shoulders and the sponsors stand out in gold color like last year and thus create a connection to the classic costume,” it said. In addition, golden embroidery would stand out, “which are inspired by traditional Bavarian craftsmanship and adorn the logo of the German record champions. The Oktoberfest-typical Alpen-Edelweiß is also shown in the neck area.”

TSV 1860 Munich, currently only in the third division, also has a Wiesn jersey, which the players will wear for the first time in the home game against Erzgebirge Aue this Friday evening. However, it is not in the club colors of white and blue, but white and green – and has surprised many fans: The shirt looks more like one from Werder Bremen.

Giesinger Bräu and the Oktoberfest: Ever since he founded the Giesinger Bräu in a garage 16 years ago, Steffen Marx has been fighting to brew the best beer in town. Now he is challenging the traditional breweries – and could change the beer metropolis of Munich forever (SZ Plus) .

“Layla” makers see new text for the Oktoberfest with humor: The author of the controversial party song “Layla”, apron, sees plans for a new text at the Munich Oktoberfest left. “I think 99 percent of the audience will sing along with ‘Layla’ in the original version, so I’m not upset,” he told the German Press Agency. “If the Oktoberfest hosts think they have to change the song, they should do it. The fans celebrate the song and sing it along anyway.” The spokesman for the Wiesn hosts, Peter Inselkammer, had announced that the band should present a modified version of the controversial song by DJ Robin & Schürze in his “Armbrustschützenzelt” at the Oktoberfest – presumably without the line “I’ve got a puff – and my puff mom’s name is Layla. She’s prettier, younger, hornier.”

Where the white sausage becomes vegan: “I’ve actually had enough of the Bädasui from the chicken!” was the saying not too long ago. So far, the public has perceived the Wiesn as a folk festival, at which 7.5 million liters of beer, 435,000 roast chickens and 124 oxen were consumed. Since 2019, the Oktoberfest has had to pause twice due to Corona. And suddenly it seems that the landlords have now discovered vegans as a new target group. The trend towards a meatless diet doesn’t even stop at the Oktoberfest.

Three days before tapping

The Munich police are preparing for the Wiesn: 600 officers, surveillance cameras, barrier rings and a ban on flying – the police are preparing for the largest folk festival in the world and advise against using e-scooters for the journey home. There are no special corona requirements on the festival site. But otherwise? About the current rules and security measures.

Dirt from Wiesn visitors in the house entrance – Munich offers a cleaning service: Those who live around the Theresienwiese in Munich often have to deal with unpleasant surprises in the house entrance during the Oktoberfest: vomit or other legacies from overly beer-loving Wiesn visitors. The city of Munich therefore offers all residents of the Festwiese a special cleaning service. “A mobile cleaning team with a vehicle and high-pressure cleaner is available every day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.,” the city said on Wednesday. “The team cleans private paths up to the front door and driveways up to the garage door, but not sidewalks or public street areas.”

“Layla” and the Oktoberfest – Kapellmeister wants to present new text: The controversial song should not be played in the tents at the Oktoberfest – actually. But: what if the guests suddenly start singing it themselves? But they have prepared for it, says Wirte spokesman Peter Inselkammer: “Our conductor has thought about something. He is preparing another text that is not sexist.” That is better “than if we ignore it”.

Unfortunately, the leather pants have no elastic: Anyone who slips into their old leather pants after two years of a pandemic often experiences a blue miracle. A phenomenon can therefore be observed in Munich’s traditional costume shops. In some shops these days it’s like a football club changing room: men in their underpants stand at the clothes rack and look for a larger size, surrounded by a panic-stricken haze of sweat. The autumn trend 2022: It is clearly going in the direction of second leather.

Banging Oktoberfest tent, nobody wears a mask – are you going? What is the best way to behave in this third Corona fall? We asked three virologists for 24 important pieces of advice (SZ Plus) – on masks, restaurant visits and the question of whether it would be better to skip the Oktoberfest.

Bavaria’s Health Minister Holetschek still undecided when visiting the Wiesn: Klaus Holetschek (CSU) does not yet know whether he will be going to the Wiesn this year. “I’ll definitely not be there on Saturday. The tapping is not an appointment that would be mandatory for the Minister of Health,” said Holetschek of the Munich evening newspaper . “I might go there at lunchtime during the week.” Then there is usually the least going on. Holetschek left it open whether, like Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), he would do without a mask in this case.

Corona danger at the Oktoberfest: This time at the Oktoberfest they will not only count how many oxen are eaten and how many beers are drunk, but also how many become infected. A walk across the festival grounds with an infectiologist, a security man and the mayor (SZ Plus).

Interesting things and service for the Oktoberfest

Did an Ebersberger have the idea for the very first Wiesn? The Munich Oktoberfest might not even exist without Franz Xaver Greckl, the scion of a family of innkeepers and brewers from the region. This is indicated by 200-year-old sources (SZ Plus) , which the historian and archivist Claudius Stein evaluated.

Rooms available for Oktoberfest: A week before the start of the Oktoberfest there are still a surprising number of hotel rooms that can be booked – at unusually low prices. In the case of holiday apartments and private providers, on the other hand, the situation is different.

Mobile phone reception at the Oktoberfest: the mobile phone companies make as much effort for the Wiesn as if they had to supply a medium-sized city. A record volume of data is expected. O2 even predicts a “huge thirst for data”. In order to counter it, providers have installed hundreds of temporary antenna elements on and around the Theresienwiese. The reason for this is usage behavior that only exists at the Oktoberfest.

Interview with Dieter Reiter on the Oktoberfest: Munich’s mayor has repeatedly doubted whether it was right to let the Oktoberfest take place this year. In the interview he talks about (SZ Plus) why he believes that people urgently need the Oktoberfest again, what fears he has with regard to a possible corona wave afterwards – and why he was two minutes ahead on the first day of the Oktoberfest twelve the tension is highest.

How does the Wiesn-Mass 2022 taste? Six master brewers from the major Munich breweries present their Oktoberfest beers this year – and star sommelier Justin Leone describes them for the SZ.

A safe place for girls and women? The “Safe Wiesn” campaign helps with sexual violence, but also if the handbag is stolen or friends are lost. In 2019, more visitors than ever before took advantage of the support. An important innovation this year is the name change for the premises where help is offered on the Theresienwiese. The “Security Point” now becomes the “Safe Space”. It is staffed on all Wiesn days from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m., on weekends and public holidays from 3 p.m. The help is free of charge and anonymous if desired.

How to get to the Oktoberfest and back home: The fact that the Oktoberfest has been taking place on the Theresienwiese in the heart of Munich since 1810 is also a logistical challenge. Especially now, after a two-year break, the rush will be huge. After all, millions of people have to get to and from the festival site in the middle of the city. The advantage of the central location: There are many different ways to get here. Public transport is recommended in any case (regardless of alcohol limits). An overview.

With more staff and on duty around the clock: 455 employees of the Aicher Ambulanz Union and ten doctors are taking care of medical emergencies at the Oktoberfest this year – around 50 more than in 2019. A strict hygiene concept applies to the helpers. The Aicher Ambulanz Union also provides for illness-related absences.

This is how Munich is getting ready for the Oktoberfest – and a possible Corona wave: While some are looking forward to the Oktoberfest , to partying in the beer tent, the exuberance and the party in the city, others are preparing to relax during the Oktoberfest weeks from Seal off city life. The Oktoberfest will fuel the infection process, virologists agree on that. The health department is already increasing contact tracing. How clinics, local transport and the city are preparing for the coming weeks (SZ Plus).

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