Baumgart: Special performance in Berlin, Freiburg and Cologne

Cologne (AP) – Cologne coach Steffen Baumgart would like more recognition for the work at some Bundesliga locations.

“Even if some think that what is being done in Berlin and Freiburg is normal: it is anything but normal, just like what is being done here in Cologne is not normal,” he told the “kicker”.

After seven matchdays, Union Berlin is the leader of the Bundesliga, with SC Freiburg in third place. 1. FC Köln is ninth and, like the other two clubs, also has European Cup games to play this season: Union and Freiburg play Europa League, Cologne is in the Conference League.

Due to the tight schedule, he cannot really be happy about successes like the 4-2 win against 1. FC Slovacko, because his thoughts immediately turned to the next opponent. “I think it’s a shame. But it’s part of it. What I miss a lot more is that I can’t really be a coach,” said Baumgart. “If you want to develop and improve individual players, the only way to do that is through training, games and then back to training. That’s how you learn,” explained the 50-year-old. “The training is currently just a bit too short.”

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