Cities want to combine energy saving and contemplation

Stuttgart / Tübingen (dpa / lsw) – Fairy lights and brightly decorated Christmas trees are part of the pre-Christmas season in many places. However, due to the looming energy crisis, saving electricity is an important goal for municipalities and cities in Baden-Württemberg – also when it comes to the Christmas lights. In the past there was not only more tinsel, but also more lights.

A press spokeswoman for the city announced that the Stuttgart City Hall would completely do without its Christmas lights and the Advent calendar in the windows of the house. The Christmas trees in the city should also light up less often: the fairy lights on the big tree on Schlossplatz, for example, were in operation for around 450 hours in the past. This year they should only be switched on for 240 hours.

Not everyone approves of these measures: “Due to the lack of Christmas lights, it can get pretty dark. This is a problem, especially in the city center, where there are often security problems,” criticized Sven Hahn from the Stuttgart City Initiative. If you don’t feel comfortable in a city, you won’t go shopping either. Hahn pointed out that this could have consequences for municipal companies.

Boris Palmer, mayor of the city of Tübingen, was also skeptical about these approaches to saving energy : “The focus of the discussion on the Christmas lights is purely symbolic and conceals the inactivity of the large consumers,” he said. But the university town is also looking for ways to save energy in the run-up to Christmas: the “big” Christmas lights with lights on the gables and glowing balls in the trees will not be there this year, a spokeswoman for the city said.

The city of Heidelberg wants to save at least 15 percent of its energy this winter . The light decorations at the Christmas market should be reduced “to a minimum”, said a spokesman for the city. The lights on the stalls will probably shine less, and there will be no facade lighting at all. The city wants to save not only on lighting but also on fir trees: the number of Christmas trees and the greenery of the fir trees should be reduced.

In many places, the planning for the Christmas decorations has not yet been completed: In Karlsruhe, they want to “set a good example” and at the same time not forgo the pre-Christmas atmosphere. How exactly this should work will be worked out in the next few weeks, said a press spokesman for the city.

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