Court of Auditors chief criticizes job growth in state service

Dresden (dpa / sn) – The President of the Saxon State Audit Office, Jens Michel, criticizes the government’s planned 2,500 new jobs in the state service. “Compared to other federal states, Saxony has too many staff,” said Michael in an interview with the “Sächsische Zeitung”. The Court of Auditors recommends a detailed task review. “More teachers and police officers are actually needed, but overall you can’t leave everything as it is when it comes to staff numbers and plan an increase.”

Appropriate in Saxony are “rather 80,000 jobs than 100,000,” said Michael, given that the number is likely to rise to 96,000 soon. One should not lose sight of the long-term consequences. “I have to pay all the many people I’m hiring now until they retire,” said Michael.

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