Dispute over "defective" hangover ends up in court

Ansbach (dpa / lby) – Because a buyer did not like the appearance of a cat, she resold it – and thus sparked a court dispute. The cat breeder sued the woman from the Ansbach district before the district court and demanded 5,000 euros from her, as a judicial spokesman announced on Thursday.

The reason: According to the purchase contract, the buyer should pay 700 euros for the Maine Coon cat. Should the tomcat have offspring in the next two years, the saleswoman from Saxony-Anhalt should be allowed to choose a kitten. Otherwise, the purchase price should be 1700 euros.

However, according to the court, the breeder did not receive a kitten. Instead, she found out that the buyer had resold the cat, which the contract did not allow without her consent. That’s why she demanded a further 4,000 euros in penalty for the outstanding 1,000 euros.

However, the defendant refused to pay it. “In court, she objected that the cat she was given does not correspond to the contractual agreement and is therefore ‘defective’ in the legal sense,” explained the spokesman. The tomcat did not have the promised color and his ears were too small. Therefore he was unsuitable for breeding.

In the end, the women agreed on a settlement, according to the district court: the buyer paid the breeder 1,000 euros, and both sides shared the court costs.

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