DIY store operator Hornbach makes working hours more flexible

Bornheim (dpa) – The hardware store operator Hornbach will give its employees more freedom in organizing their working hours in the future. “For the coming calendar year, employees in Germany can reduce, redistribute or increase their own working hours,” said the company in Bornheim (Palatinate) on Thursday. The member of the management board, Jochen Braun, spoke of “tailored working hours” that enable the employees to harmonize the general professional conditions with their respective situation.

According to the company, the model comprises several building blocks. Employees can reduce their working hours, for example by converting vacation or Christmas bonuses into up to 20 additional days of free time for the calendar year. You can also work part-time for a limited or unlimited period. If desired, the annual salary increase can be used to gradually reduce the number of hours, it said.

A fourth module enables working hours to be redistributed – for example, into a four-day week even with 37.5 hours of full-time work. Finally, using the fifth module, employees could increase their weekly working hours to up to 42.5 hours for a period of three, six or nine months.

Around 330 employees took part in a pilot project from March 2022. 11,000 employees now have the opportunity to choose “tailor-made working hours” for 2023, with the exception of trainees and students. “We at Hornbach see this as a great opportunity to recruit people for the company and for a further career who previously thought they were excluded from it because they didn’t want to or couldn’t work full-time,” said the Management Board member and Labor Director of Hornbach Baumarkt AG, Karsten Kuehn.

Hornbach operates 167 DIY and garden centers across Europe and also trades in building materials. The most important market is Germany with 98 locations.

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