Federer on tennis stars: the future is "bright"

Tennis : Federer on tennis stars: the future is “bright”

Believes that there will still be great tennis players in the future: old star Roger Federer. Photo: James Manning/PA Wire/dpa (Photo: dpa)

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London (AP) – Tennis star Roger Federer believes in a “bright” future for his sport. “I know sometimes people tend not to see it that way or think that way,” said Federer at a press conference in London at the end of his career.

Even when Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi said goodbye, there were fears that there would be no more big stars. But that turned out to be wrong and it will be the same this time. Federer particularly emphasized the 19-year-old US Open winner Carlos Alcaraz from Spain. The 41-year-old Swiss continued to say that he was one of the “superstars” of tennis that the sport would produce again and again.

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