"Harry Potter" piece is becoming more compact: one part instead of two

Hamburg (dpa) – If you wanted to see the play “Harry Potter and the Enchanted Child” in Hamburg, you had to plan a lot of time. The story by JK Rowling about the adult sorcerer’s apprentice and his son was divided into two parts lasting several hours in the Mehr! Theater at the wholesale market. In future, the magical experience will cost less time and money. “We decided to switch to a compact one-piece. So to a piece that consists of two acts – with a break in between,” said producer Maik Klokow of the German Press Agency in Hamburg. The audience can then see it like any other play in an afternoon or in an evening.

“That’s a clear simplification for the audience,” says Klokow. An additional advantage for the production is that significantly more shows can be played. Because the demand is still huge. “Last month we had an occupancy rate of 98 percent. We can now reach twice as many people with the compact staging.” The changes are also a consequence of visitor surveys, which were challenged by the logistical preparations, among other things.

The show with two parts will be on January 8th for the last time. The premiere for the more compact piece is planned for February 19th, the previews start on February 9th.

The story itself hasn’t changed. Only a few scenes and lengths were omitted. “It’s very fast-paced and still very magical. If you haven’t seen the two-piece, you won’t miss anything in the one-piece.” At the same time, the shorter version means significantly less stress for the actors – both physically and lyrically.

According to Klokow, the more compact narration was excellently successful. “The tricks and the magic remain an important part of the show. If you look at the percentage of magic per minute, it increases dramatically.”

The team in front of and behind the stage will remain largely the same – apart from cast changes that are planned anyway. A total of around 250 employees work on and behind the stage as well as in the foyers and in the theater pavilion.

With the changeover, the tickets will also be significantly cheaper. “The entry-level price will be EUR 59.90. We think that’s affordable for everyone.” So far, apart from special offers, at least 99.90 euros have been due.

Eight shows per week are planned in the future, twice as many as before. Advance sales started on Thursday. The compact version is already being shown in the USA, Japan, Canada and Australia.

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