Mail from the stomach

Mark Zuckerberg , 38, multi-billionaire, expecting third child with wife Priscilla Chan. Zuckerberg spread a corresponding message via his well-known platforms. “Happy to be able to share that Max and August will have a new sister next year,” wrote the head of Facebook and its parent company Meta. In the added photo, Zuckerberg can be seen holding his left hand on his wife’s stomach. Prior to Maxima’s birth in 2015, the couple made it public that they had suffered multiple miscarriages.

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Brad Pitt , 58, Hollywood star, doesn’t want to struggle with getting older. “I don’t want to run from aging,” Pitt told British Vogue . It’s something “we can’t escape from, and I’d rather see our culture embrace that with a little more open arms,” said the two-time Academy Award winner. Pitt has recently started selling its own skin care line, but in its own words, it rejected a product promise such as “anti-aging” (roughly: prevention of old age): “That’s ridiculous.” It is important to learn to love yourself.

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Ingo Zamperoni , 48, “Tagesthemen” moderator, can’t decide between Germany and Italy when it comes to football. “In the EM semi-finals, I was pretty torn inside,” said the moderator, who has German and Italian citizenship, in the WDR podcast “Ball You Need Is Love”. He sits in such games “not between the chairs”. “I’m sitting on two chairs. And that’s part of modern Germany,” said the son of an Italian father and a German mother. He himself can not play football very well. “If I do a header, my head rattles so much that I can’t look straight for two days.”

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Eddie Murphy , 61, comedian, will meet former colleagues in the planned continuation of the comedy series ‘Beverly Hills Cop’. Actors Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Paul Reiser and Bronson Pinchot will star alongside Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley, Netflix has announced. They were already on board in the original film in 1984.

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Sina Erdrich , 25, Wine Queen, estimated to have “spent 330 days in office”. Soon she is handing over her aluminum case with a crown, because on September 30th her successor will be chosen in Neustadt an der Weinstraße, for the first time with the participation of the public. The educational scientist, who comes from Durbach in Baden, defends the office: “We are specialists and have something to say,” she told the German Press Agency.

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