Mayor election: number of approved candidates grows to 17

Rostock (dpa/mv) – 17 candidates have been approved for the mayoral election in Rostock on November 13th. After a first meeting of the municipal election committee for the mayor election, the final decision on some nominations was still pending, for example due to missing documents. After another meeting on Thursday, four more applicants were admitted, the city announced.

The AfD member of parliament Michael Meister, Rebecca Thoß (Deutsche Biertrinkerinnen Union) and the individual applicants Matthias Bräuer and Alina Kreis have now also been admitted.

The election will take place on November 13th. The previous incumbent, Claus Ruhe Madsen, moved to Schleswig-Holstein in June as Economics Minister in the cabinet of Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU). Should a runoff election become necessary, this is scheduled for November 27th.

Several candidates from the major parties had already been admitted at the beginning of September. For the left, this affects the member of the state parliament and parliamentary group leader in the Rostock citizenship, Eva-Maria Kröger. The head of the Rostock state building and real estate office, Carmen-Alina Botezatu, was also admitted for the SPD and the member of the Bundestag and coordinator of the federal government for maritime economy and tourism, Claudia Müller, for the Greens. The high-ranking police officer Michael Ebert, who is supported as an individual applicant by the CDU and FDP, was already admitted.

Robert Uhde, among others, was already admitted as an individual applicant. He is known as the initiator of the cultural heritage festival Midsummer Remise, where manor houses are presented. Jens Kaufmann, who is known as the organizer of the Rostock Monday demos against corona measures, was also admitted. The other candidates are Niels Burmeister, Jörg Kibellus, Karol Langnickel, Holger Luckstein, Kai Oppermann, Roland Ulrich and Niklas Zimathis.

The individual applicants Andreas Kurtz were not admitted because of missing documents and Stefan Treichel because of doubts about standing up for the free-democratic basic order. The individual applicant Iris Drenkhahn withdrew her application. Appeals against the decisions can be lodged within one week.

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