Minister Weil insists on suspension of the debt brake

Hanover (dpa / lni) – Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil has again campaigned for the suspension of the debt brake in view of the energy crisis. “If we don’t face an emergency now, then when will we?” asked the SPD politician on Thursday in the state parliament in Hanover. The debt brake can be suspended in emergency situations, which happened in 2020 and 2021 because of the corona pandemic. Germany is now at the beginning of a tough test, said Weil, both for private households and for the economy and social infrastructure such as local public transport: “All of this is facing really difficult times.”

The head of government, who is seeking a third term in the state elections on October 9, also advocated a cap on energy prices and the country’s own aid program. At the beginning of the week, Weil promised a 970 million euro program for a Lower Saxony relief package, which he would like to launch with a supplementary budget in November if he is re-elected. He sees a willingness to talk to the Greens and the FDP about this project, but not so far to the previous coalition partner, the CDU, said Weil in the state parliament .

However, the Greens and the FDP criticized the fact that Weil had so far not sought a discussion with the other parliamentary groups about a supplementary budget in order to be able to implement it quickly after the election. “Why are you even actively refusing offers of talks from the FDP and the Greens?” asked the Greens parliamentary group leader Julia Willie Hamburg. “Let’s find common solutions quickly.” The FDP MP Christian Grascha emphasized that the country must act now and not in months. The CDU held the federal government in particular responsible and renewed its campaign for the continued operation of the nuclear power plants.

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