No ice rink in Neubrandenburg again due to energy crisis

Neubrandenburg (dpa/mv) – Because of the high energy prices, there will be no ice skating rink on the Neubrandenburg market square this year. As a spokeswoman for Neubrandenburg Stadtwerke neu.sw said on Thursday, Mayor Silvio Witt (independent), the Stadtwerke and the event center have agreed on this. But the Weber Glockenmarkt – Neubrandenburg’s Advent and Christmas market – is said to exist. “At a time when everyone is called upon to save energy so that we can get through the winter safely, it is unacceptable for a municipal energy supplier to operate such an energy-intensive leisure attraction,” explained neu.sw Managing Director Ingo Meyer.

In the last ice skating season of 2019, the hall had almost 21,000 visitors. In 2020 the whole thing was canceled due to Corona and it was closed again in 2021 due to the Corona restrictions, as was the entire Weberglenmarkt. According to the municipal utility, five single-family homes could be heated for a year with the heating oil used to operate the ice skating rink. The electricity requirement corresponds to the consumption of 60 households per year.

However, the Christmas weaver bell market should provide a ray of hope in the third-largest city in the north-east during the crisis.

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