Oldenburg public prosecutor is investigating against pig farmers

Oldenburg (dpa) – The Oldenburg public prosecutor’s office is investigating a pig farmer from the Hameln-Pyrmont district. A spokesman for the authority confirmed this on Thursday morning. The investigation into alleged violations of the Animal Welfare Act has been ongoing since the spring of this year. According to the spokesman, the reason for the investigation was a criminal complaint. First, the NDR had reported.

According to the spokesman, an expert is currently busy evaluating available video material and preparing an expert opinion. The public prosecutor’s office is expecting a result this year that will largely determine whether they will press charges.

On Tuesday, the association Deutsches Tierschutzbüro, an animal rights organization, accused the fattener of animal cruelty on its website. A spokesman for the animal protection office confirmed on Tuesday morning when asked that the association had filed a criminal complaint against the fattener in the spring. It is not known whether this is the report that led to the investigation by the public prosecutor.

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