Outdoor pool water for indoor pool and plants

Bruchköbel (dpa/lhe) – After the dry summer, some Hessian municipalities are reusing the water from their outdoor pools. Instead of draining the precious liquid into the sewage system, the fire brigade in Bruchköbel (Main-Kinzig district) pumped part of the outdoor pool water into the indoor pool at the end of the season. The action lasted around four hours the day before, said Daniel Weber, manager of the economic operations, of the German Press Agency on Thursday. As a result of the measure, the water level in the outdoor pool was lowered to make it winter-proof. Some of the outdoor pool water is also used to water the trees on the lawn. “5vision.media” had previously reported about it.

The campaign not only conserves resources, but also takes care of the pumps that have to run again and again, said Weber. The devices were already used to aerate a lake at the local campsite in the summer. A repetition of “water recycling” at the start of the next outdoor pool season – then in the opposite direction from the indoor to the outdoor pool – is conceivable. However, the devices last used could not be operated indoors due to exhaust gases – alternative options were therefore being examined.

Bad Schwalbach in the Rheingau-Taunus district had previously started a similar campaign in the local outdoor pool: Those interested could get water there for watering or for fire-fighting water tanks, a total of 800,000 liters of water were available. Since it was cleaned of chlorine after the end of the season and filtered several times, it was ideal for watering plants, according to a lifeguard.

The city of Maintal in the Main-Kinzig district also used the pool water from its Maintal swimming pool for irrigation: the excess water was used for urban green areas and the sunbathing lawn of the outdoor pool, which dried up during the summer months. The city had declared that the idea, which arose due to the drought and warns people to use the valuable resource water sparingly, should be retained in future years if the measure proves its worth.

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