Process for the murder of the Hamburg Michel: 47-year-old testifies

Hamburg (dpa/lno) – Six months after a body was found on Hamburg’s Michael, a 47-year-old admitted to the Hamburg Regional Court that he had fatally injured the man with a knife. But it was more of an accident, he didn’t want to kill him, the accused described his view of the events on Thursday at the beginning of the trial. The indictment accuses him of murder and robbery resulting in death.

Prosecutors are convinced that the Italian, who had money problems, killed his victim with a knife in the neck early in the morning of March 28. He then took the Portuguese’s wallet with 250 euros.

The accused, visibly agitated, presented the process differently: he went to a bar after work, drank a lot and took drugs, he said, according to a translator. There he met the 62-year-old, who gave him beer, although it was difficult to communicate. Later at the Michelwiese he asked his drunken new acquaintance for a loan of 20 euros. Suddenly the man attacked him.

The defendant emphasized that he only pulled out the knife he had with him from work to intimidate his opponent. A scuffle ensued and both fell to the ground. The knife in his hand accidentally grazed the other man’s neck. “I feel guilty, I’m very sorry,” said the 47-year-old.

The trial will continue on Friday.

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