Referee Brych announces decision about further future

Berlin (dpa) – The top German referee Felix Brych wants to decide soon whether a continuation of his career is an option for him. The 47-year-old from Munich announced this in the “Bild” (Thursday edition). Brych wants to speak to DFB referee boss Lutz-Michael Fröhlich and the referee management of the association in a timely manner “and make a decision by the winter break at the latest so that both sides have planning security”.

Fröhlich had previously stated that he could imagine the age limit for referees in German professional football being lowered and that Brych had the prospect of continuing his career. “Felix is a referee at the absolute top level, with a lot of experience and a high level of acceptance. But that’s a decision that Felix has to make himself first of all. We’re open and would welcome that,” said Fröhlich in “Sport Bild”. said.

The 47-year mark is not a limit, but rather a guideline, he explained. Berlin’s Manuel Gräfe had to end his career last year after reaching this age. Gräfe has repeatedly criticized the referee management of the German Football Association.

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