Report: Berlin's side streets are being surveyed

Berlin (dpa / bb) – According to a media report, numerous side streets in Berlin will be measured in the coming weeks and examined for wear and tear. The measuring vehicles should initially be on the road in the districts of Lichtenberg, Mitte, Pankow and Reinickendorf to record the condition of around 1800 kilometers of road, as the “Berliner Morgenpost” (Thursday) reports. They should therefore collect data about the structural condition of the roadways with lasers. The high-resolution, true-to-scale photos provide information about cracks, eruptions, flaws and patches in the asphalt.

“The data goes into the maintenance management system for the streets of Berlin,” said Christiane Krause from the road construction authority. “There they are supplemented with data on the construction and year of construction of the roads and the road loads,” says the expert. “In connection with the other information and knowledge about the service life of individual road structures, the system automatically suggests which roads are next to be renovated.”

The measurement runs commissioned by the Senate Department for the Environment and Mobility should be completed by the end of October. According to the report, the side roads in the other eight districts will be surveyed from spring 2023.

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