Soviet anti-tank missile: police are investigating

Pforzheim (dpa / lsw) – After the warhead of a Soviet anti-tank missile was found in Pforzheim, investigations are being carried out on suspicion of violating the War Weapons Control Act. As a police spokesman said on request, the procedure was initially against unknown persons. The projectile was discovered on September 11 by a walker on the banks of the Nagold and on the same day it was blown up and rendered harmless by the explosive ordnance disposal service. Surrounding houses were evacuated, 40 people had to temporarily leave their homes.

According to the ordnance experts at the Stuttgart Regional Council, the live warhead of the RPG-2 anti-tank weapon was complete. Only the launch tube was missing. How the bullet got to the river bank in Pforzheim is not known. “The object could have been washed ashore at some point,” a police spokesman speculated. There is no concrete suspicion; that something was wrong is assumed.

According to the experts, the ordnance was probably in the water for a long time. It was in good condition on the outside, but deformed at the front. Since it was not safe to transport, it was blown up on site.

At first, the city assumed that it was a dud from World War II. On February 23, 1945, 1,575 tons of bombs were dropped during an attack by the Allied air forces, including explosive and incendiary bombs and air mines. Large parts of Pforzheim were reduced to rubble in 20 minutes, and at least 17,600 people died. But the bombers came from the British Royal Air Force. Soviet forces were not involved in the bombing of Pforzheim.

Examinations of the warhead found indicate later production. “It’s definitely a post-war model,” said a specialist from the explosive ordnance disposal service to the “Badische Latest News” (BNN). “Whether someone took him somewhere from a military training area and then shot him – we can’t say how he got there,” the BNN quoted the expert as saying. Findings of Soviet or Russian ordnance are therefore very rare in Baden-Württemberg.

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