SPD calls for more than 400 million euros for clinics

Nuremberg (dpa / lby) – The SPD in the Bavarian state parliament accuses the state government of a lack of willingness to invest in local hospitals. “Hospitals in Bavaria , like everyone else, are currently confronted with increased energy costs. The Free State is responsible for the necessary investments – for example in energy renovation. We as the SPD are calling for these investment costs for hospitals to be increased in order to help the hospitals save money “said parliamentary group leader Florian von Brunn on Thursday at the end of the SPD autumn retreat in Nuremberg. The draft law presented by the parliamentary group provides for additional investments of around 412 million euros for the coming year alone.

The shortage of skilled workers can also be countered by increasing investment costs, said von Brunn. For example, clinics would be better able to attract employees if they could offer them company apartments. “If, for example, nurses know that they will also get an apartment with the new job, they have more incentive to work in the respective clinic,” said the group’s health policy spokeswoman, Ruth Waldmann. Especially in places with tight housing markets, it is difficult for many nursing staff to find affordable housing.

Waldmann criticizes the fact that the CSU and Freie Wahler have provided the actually obligatory investment subsidies far too little in recent years: “This means that investments either remain undone – we are currently seeing this in the particularly high consumption in hospitals due to a lack of energy efficiency. Or the Instead, funds have to be cross-financed from other pots – which is at the expense of the working conditions for the staff.” In the end, the patients would also feel the pressure and the shortage of staff.

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