The head of the conference of construction ministers insists on reliability

Stuttgart (dpa) – After cuts in subsidy rates for buildings and the chaos surrounding KfW grants at the beginning of the year, the chairwoman of the conference of building ministers is insisting on more reliability for home builders. “Residential construction requires planning security – and that for years. There has been a lack of that recently,” said the Baden-Württemberg department head Nicole Razavi (CDU) of the German Press Agency. If the federal government prescribes a higher minimum standard for efficient buildings from 2023, as planned, this must also be accompanied by support. “Whoever demands must also support.”

The construction ministers of the federal states want to exchange views on this and other topics from Thursday in Stuttgart. Federal Building Minister Klara Geywitz (SPD) is also expected as a guest. Results are to be presented on Friday (12.30 p.m.).

At the beginning of the year, a short-term halt to KfW subsidies for energy-saving new buildings caused severe criticism. In addition, in July there was a reform of subsidies for energy-efficient buildings. The first changes came into effect two days after the announcement. The subsidy rates also fell: since mid-August, people who want to buy a heat pump or replace windows have been reimbursed a lower proportion of the costs.

At their conference, the ministers also want to take a look at the current price situation for builders, tenants and landlords. “Heating and electricity costs are rising, the general conditions for housing are deteriorating, it’s an extremely difficult situation,” said Razavi. Building and housing must remain affordable. “It’s a question of social peace.” The expansion of social housing is also on the agenda from Thursday.

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