Therefore, you should rinse rice thoroughly before cooking

Bremen (dpa / tmn) – It is best to rinse loose rice thoroughly before the grains go into the pot. Jasmin Scholz, a nutrition expert at the Bremen consumer advice centre, recommends this with reference to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment. In addition, rice should ideally be cooked with plenty of water.

The reason: Rice can be contaminated with arsenic. The semi-metal can then be poured over the remaining cooking water. Arsenic accumulates through the roots of the rice plant and can be found in rice and rice products. According to the information, it can cause cancer, put a strain on the cardiovascular system or damage vessels and nerves.

Potatoes or pasta: alternate side dishes

VZ Bremen therefore advises replacing rice side dishes with potatoes, pasta or buckwheat from time to time. This also applies to the menu of small children who love rice porridge or rice cakes. Instead of a rice waffle, a corn waffle also tastes good.

If you choose rice for a meal, you are better off with natural or whole grain rice. It keeps you full longer than white rice and contains more protein, minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin B1. This is due to the fruit and seed shell that white rice no longer has.

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