This is how the Volkstheater starts its second season in the new house

The second season in the new building of the Volkstheater is a bit slimmer and more reserved than its crisis-ridden predecessor. Director Christian Stückl recently announced eleven premieres at the season conference, in 2021/22 there were still 16. Two of the new productions can now be seen right at the beginning. Taken together, they don’t make a reserved impression at all, as they immediately create opposites. On the one hand there is the stage adaptation of Heinrich Böll’s novella “The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum” (premier: September 22), on the other hand the German-language premiere of “Pussy Sludge” by the American author Gracie Gardner (premier: September 25). September).

In-house director Philipp Arnold sets up “Katharina Blum” on the main stage of the house. In 1974, Böll’s novella was published, in which he dealt with the use of violence and journalistic hate campaigns. For this, the author, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1972, invented the domestic worker Katharina Blum, good and down-to-earth, who one evening meets the criminal Ludwig Götten, who is wanted by the police. She falls in love, spends a night with him – and in the following days becomes a merciless victim of the tabloids. Similarities with the methods of the Bild newspaper were neither intentional nor accidental, but inevitable, Böll wrote at the time. Director Arnold is now staging “Katharina Blum” with Ruth Bohsung in the title role against the background of the massive wave of hate and hate speech on the Internet.

“Pussy Sludge” by Gracie Gardner was invited to the 2019 play market at the Berlin Theatertreffen. Henriette Nagel will now take on the title role in the German-language premiere in Munich. Pussy Sludge masturbates wildly, crude oil spills out of her vulva and she ends up in a swamp of her own mud. In this swamp she has all sorts of encounters. Director Mirjam Loibl implements this contribution to the gender debate, role and body images at the Volkstheater – and it is more shrill than reserved.

The lost honor of Katharina Blum, premiere: September 22, 2022, 7.30 p.m., stage 1; Pussy Sludge, Premiere: September 25, 2022, Stage 2, Munich Volkstheater

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