Water in the basement: Man has to pay 34,000 euros for the fire brigade

Würzburg (dpa / lby) – A man from Lower Franconia has to pay almost 34,000 euros for a fire service – after his basement was flooded. The former dentist had stored dental laboratory chemicals in the rented basement in Bad Kissingen. Because of the chemicals, the fire brigade came with 110 people – instead of just pumping the basement empty. The dentist complained against the bill on Thursday before the administrative court in Würzburg.

The fire department was concerned about stored explosive picric acid and high carbon monoxide saturation, explained the city fire inspector at the hearing. Several experts such as consultants for dangerous goods had been called to help. The emergency services sometimes worked in chemical protective suits. In addition, a fan had to be rented.

Although the sum to be paid is very high, the presiding judge gave the former dentist little hope of the success of the lawsuit for reasons of form and substance. The lawsuit was then withdrawn.

It is not uncommon for a bill to follow after a basement has been pumped out. But it is usually only a few hundred euros. According to the Bavarian fire brigade law, in the case of technical assistance services that are not about rescuing or recovering people or animals, all those responsible can be held jointly and severally liable for reimbursement of costs.

The reason for the approximately one meter high water in the basement in Bad Kissingen could not be finally clarified. A defective toilet flush and a defective lifting system, which should normally pump the waste water into the sewage system, are suspected. According to Richter, the storage of the chemicals was also a cause. The incident happened in June 2016.

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