"We will tell our grandchildren about it"

Florian Buchloh has been the captain of the first team of the Münsing-Ammerland sports club since this summer. For the 101st anniversary of the club – the celebrations for the milestone anniversary have been postponed to this year due to the pandemic – the 22-year-old will play with his team on Friday, September 23rd, against the footballers of TSV 1860 Munich . Kick-off is at 6 p.m. at the Münsinger sports grounds on Hartlweg. What the friendly game means for Florian Buchloh, he reveals in an interview.

SZ: Mr. Buchloh, of course, the basic sporting question immediately arises. Hand on heart once. Are you actually a Bayern or 60s fan?

Florian Buchloh: I’m a die-hard lion fan. Classmates took me to a game. Since then my heart has been beating at 60.

But as a Bayern fan you could celebrate many more titles.

The lions are now very successful in the third division. At that time I witnessed the relegation to the regional league. 60 makes the special cohesion with the team like at SV Münsing-Ammerland. you are close You feel connected. That’s not edgy at all. I myself am a lion member. I try to get a ticket for the west stand for the home games at the Giesinger Stadion as often as possible.

How important is the friendly match between your Münsingers and the sixties?

This is something unique. I and my teammates will certainly tell our grandchildren about it. Playing against football professionals is always special, playing against your own heart club of course makes it even more palatable. A large part of the Münsinger team is more a lion supporter than a Bayern fan.

What are your plans for Friday’s friendly?

Our training focus is on the league and point game operation (The Münsinger compete in the district league, editor’s note ). I mainly want to enjoy the game. After all, you don’t have a huge backdrop, which isn’t so often the case in a game against the pros.

Isn’t there still a certain sporting ambition?

Fabian Greilinger or Joseph Boyamba (both strikers at TSV 1860 Munich, editor’s note ) to get the ball away would of course be great. I also don’t say no to a possible jersey swap after the game. Otherwise, of course, we have the classic goals: not to lose in double digits, at least to score a consolation goal. We haven’t even talked about it in the team yet.

Are you actually nervous before such a special game?

I have to say that we are currently very busy organizing our club’s anniversary. You don’t really realize that it’s against TSV 1860 Munich. But maybe that comes with the nervousness.

Now you have told so much about the lions. What actually makes SV Münsing-Ammerland special?

In general, there is good cooperation among the five divisions in the club. Everyone works very well hand in hand. The club sticks together. Otherwise such an anniversary would not be possible. The community is world class. I don’t want to play anywhere else.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at Sport Reiser in Wolfratshausen, Sport Utzinger in Geretsried, Autohaus Graf and Lagerhaus Graf in Münsing , as well as at the club center or at the box office (twelve euros for adults, five euros up to the age of 16, children under the age of six free).

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