A parking lot becomes a city square

It is to become prettier and greener and an attractive meeting place for the residents of Fürstenfeldbruck: the city has presented plans for the redesign of the southern cattle market square. Politicians from all city council factions rated these as successful. For around 3.2 million euros, a parking lot for almost 30 cars is to be turned into a “parlor” in the city center. After the necessary tenders, the work could begin in May and if possible be completed in December 2023, during which time the Green Market will be moved to the northern Viehmarktplatz.

Between shady trees, a few green areas set back from the house facades, benches and a fountain, there should still be enough space on large granite stones for the stands of the weekly and Christmas markets. It was a bit like squaring the circle, that became clear in the planning committee on Wednesday. Because many different requirements should be met as far as possible. Ultimately, it was also possible to allay the greatest reservations of the Klinke family, which runs the Hardy’s fitness studio on the edge of Viehmarktplatz and recently opened the “Dailys Juice Bar and Kitchen” café. This uses an area in the north-west corner of the southern cattle market place as a so-called Freischankplatz. Johannes Klinke, who followed the meeting as a spectator, had called for a change in the plans because, in his opinion, this could endanger the economic operation of the outdoor areas. The head of the building authority, Johannes Dachsel, and the second mayor, Christian Stangl (Greens), who chaired the meeting, now spoke of a solution in which both sides had to make cuts, but with which everyone could live. They pointed out that the non-commercial area must be given priority, but that the operation of the café in public areas is generally welcomed because of the associated animation of the square. Stangl is convinced that the 80 square meters that will be available in the future for chairs and tables outdoors should leave enough room for economic operation – especially since the usual size of such outdoor areas in other parts of the city is more like half and the guests of the café enjoy a more attractively designed square and appreciate the view of the countryside. Now it is also guaranteed that benches and an awning that have already been purchased can be used.

Dachsel described the redesign of the southern cattle market square as “one of the most important projects in Fürstenfeldbruck” and was satisfied with the multi-million dollar grants from urban development funding, which ensure the lion’s share of the financing. Stangl sees himself strengthened in his opinion that, after citizen participation and the constructive contributions of the working group, there is now a coherent concept and “the fruits can be reaped”.

According to reports, water features and fountains in particular were controversial in the working group – because of the acquisition and operating costs. In the end, a majority agreed on the installation of several water fountains and a water trough – as a reminiscence of the cattle trough that is said to have existed on the cattle market place in the past. The well pumps groundwater, which then seeps away again. Rainwater can be collected and stored in so-called trenches under the square, and it also fills an underground cistern that the building yard can use, for example, to water the trees and green spaces in the summer months.

Existing trees such as cherry and maple, which are severely affected by rot and fungus, are now being replaced by a total of 16 trees planted in pairs of species that are as climate-resistant as possible and with high crowns. In addition, perennials are to be planted and wooden planters set up on Ludwigstrasse so that the area can later be connected to the northern part. The permanently attached benches with wooden pads are supplemented by individual metal chairs that can be moved around the square as required. A stele with several spotlights is to provide the evening lighting. A deficit criticized by Markus Droth (Freie Wahler) is now also being remedied: an agreement has been reached with the operator of Hardy’s and Dailys that allows visitors to the cattle market place to use their sanitary facilities.

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