Agriculture and forestry are presented in Erfurt

Erfurt (dpa / ttg) – The exhibition center in Erfurt has turned into a huge farm with animals and equipment. The agriculture, forestry and food industry will be presented at the “Green Days Thuringia” trade fair until Sunday. Messe Erfurt announced that 220 exhibitors were represented. According to Managing Director Michael Kynast, the exhibition center is fully booked. On Friday, many young people were out and about at the agricultural fair – more than 200 school classes had registered.

The Green Days of Thuringia showed the diversity of the industry and illustrate its innovative strength, which combines closeness to nature with high-tech, explained Minister of Agriculture Susanna Karawanskij (left) in advance.

The Thuringian State Office for Agriculture informed, among other things, about subsidy programs but also about innovative ways of using sheep’s wool and plant fibers not only for textiles, but also as composite materials, fleece and fertilizer. Medicinal, aromatic and aromatic plants would be presented. The Horticultural Teaching and Experimental Center provides advice on current topics in horticulture. An exhibition hall is reserved for animals.

According to Messe GmBH, Erfurt is the second largest trade fair location in the five eastern German states.

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