Air bomb in the east of Munich / News about the second trunk line

What do you do with 32 pages full of unpleasant messages for millions of people? For all those who are tired of the constant breakdowns on the Munich S-Bahn. And all the others who are often stuck in traffic jams with their cars because they don’t want to get on trains that might not be running at all. So what do you do with 32 pages that state that the second main route of the S-Bahn will probably be many years later than planned and announced? And that, as a result, nothing will come of it with better local public transport in the Munich region.

Quite simply: let it disappear! This is what Söder’s government did when Deutsche Bahn (DB), the builder of the second main line, announced two years ago that the billion-euro project was likely to be delayed until 2034 (SZ Plus). To be more precise: Bavaria’s Ministry of Transport simply made a 32-page presentation of the railway disappear. Of course it wasn’t Söder himself who lent a hand. And the Ministry of Transport has of course not shredded the said 32 pages. The officials in a ministry would never, ever do something like that.

The 32 pages entitled “Overall Schedule” were duly filed away. Who knows, maybe even according to the motto: read, laughed, punched. Or: laughed, punched, stapled. Or whatever. Unfortunately, the many countermeasures proposed by the railways, with which the construction of the second trunk line could have been accelerated again, have disappeared in the drawers of the ministry. Now nobody has anything to smile about. Especially not the people in the Munich area, who have been fooled by Söder & Co. for years. But neither does Söder himself. If he continues like this, his lack of transparency almost provokes a committee of inquiry in the state parliament . And that in the middle of the 2023 election year. But that doesn’t stop him from loudly demanding one thing in particular for the second regular route: transparency.


Oktoberfest party is also work Numerous PR events attract the C-celebrities in the first Oktoberfest week, Julia Klöckner and Dorothee Bär miss the politician show by five days – and an alleged star hairdresser only invites blondes. A review in pictures.

“Men only wear short leather pants” Oktoberfest means high season for traditional costume shops like Andrea and Peter Seeböck’s : About their current best sellers – and what Oktoberfest-goers should not wear anymore. (SZ Plus)

Diagnosis: Masskrug How the emergency teams of the Aich ambulance work, why the emergency lane is whistled – and why nobody in the “Wiesn-Klinik” has to be afraid of the triage . (SZ Plus)

The Wiesn is somehow different this year . A change is clearly evident in the festival tents, and which people visit the Oktoberfest also seems to be changing. Why is that?A little sociology of the festival.

21-year-old seriously injured in argument – perpetrator flees A taxi passenger was physically attacked by a group near the Oktoberfest. Then he is said to have inflicted serious stab wounds on one of the men .


Air bomb in Denning defused The 250 kg explosive device from the Second World War was discovered during construction work .

Thousands demonstrate for climate protection Fridays for Future and other organizations demand the immediate exit from nuclear power and more money for renewable energies.

Tram severed man four fingers The tram driver does not notice the fallen man and continues her journey. A tram ride also ends in hospital for a passenger.

Questions and lack of understanding The Archdiocese of Munich invites those affected by abuse to listen and to report on offers of help and prevention. But many questions remain.



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