Courting for young talent: New course should arouse interest

Schwerin / Güstrow (dpa / mv) – When recruiting young police officers, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is also focusing on new training opportunities with a short route to the police department. Following the example of states such as Hamburg or Schleswig-Holstein, from this year on it will be possible to train as a criminalist in the higher civil service after a one-year basic course over the next two years. According to the Interior Minister Christian level (SPD), approval has now been granted for this bachelor’s degree at the Güstrow University of Applied Sciences.

“This means that from October 2022, future police officers will be able to decide in the middle of their studies whether they want to specialize more in service in uniform, i.e. for the police force, or in the criminal police,” explained level. So far, this direct route has not existed, but there has been a lot of interest in it. He also hopes for additional applicants. While the generational change is progressing in the area of the protection police, it is still imminent in the criminal police, so that the need for personnel is growing noticeably there. Every possible application is needed to reach the goal of almost 6,200 police forces by 2026.

The previous SPD and CDU government had already decided to increase the police force in the country by 400 to 6,200 jobs. After the change of government in autumn 2021, the coalition of SPD and Left Party also stuck to the goal, but hardly got any closer to it. According to the level, only just under 1,000 school leavers apply for the police service every year instead of the 4,000 they used to have. Only about one in five meets the admission criteria and more police students fail the exams than expected.

At the end of September, 103 graduates in Güstrow are to be appointed police inspectors after three years of study. There are also 23 civil servants who, after an 18-month course, are promoted from middle to higher prison service. According to the technical college, 136 young people have started police training in the past few weeks, and another 87 women and men are to follow in the coming week. The police union had accused the state government of not doing enough for the promised job growth in view of the permanent shortage of staff and constant workload.

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