Demonstrators call for more climate protection

Fürstenfeldbruck is one of the 270 German locations that took part in the worldwide climate strike of “Fridays for Future”. About 200 demonstrators, mostly older people, started their climate action through downtown Brucker on the street at the Brucker tax office. “Coal is no reason for dredging,” says Sandra Orlob’s cardboard sign, which she brought with her from Türkenfeld. “We have to support the young people and pull everyone together,” affirms Orlob. “Make the earth cool again,” a young demonstrator holds up a sign. Michael Paxian, German and ethics teacher at the Viscardi-Gymnasium sees “climate protection as human protection” and generally as “protection of life”.

The organizers speak out against any form of radicalism. “No, we’re not stuck on the street,” says 18-year-old Aurelia Griek emphatically. “We demonstrate peacefully and respectfully.” It will pass the town hall and end with music at the Volksfestplatz. John Lennon’s “Image” is intoned in front of City Hall. The text has just been distributed. There is criticism of the decisions of the government and the Green Economics Minister Robert Habeck, who called fossil fuels back on the scene. “This is a step backwards,” says Viktoria Junga, the spokeswoman for the Brucker local group “Fridays for Future.”

Local politicians too

All of the crises are connected, you have to think long-term, argues Junga, 28, who has just written her master’s thesis in health management. Many demonstrators came on bicycles. Laurin, 13, and Benedikt, 11, with a double bike. There’s a poster on the back. The boys wrote “calories instead of petrol” on it. The Bund Naturschutz is demonstrating, as is the ADFC cycling club. The local politicians are also happy to be seen at “Fridays for Future”. Christian Götz (BBV), Jan Halbauer (Greens), Alexa Zierl (ÖDP) and Andreas Lohde (CSU) can be identified.

Before the march begins, 13-year-old Lemm Perreira de Acumbujo, an eighth-year student at the Rasso-Gymnasium, reads the riot act to those present and those not present: “More and more, faster and faster – we produce things that we don’t need and eat way too much Meat. Everyone eats their neighbor once a year.”

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