Elderly woman hands over a lot of cash to a scammer after a shock call

Crime – Montabaur : Senior woman hands over a lot of cash to a fraudster after a shock call

Crime - Montabaur: A policewoman is standing in front of a patrol car. Photo: David Indianlied/dpa/Illustration
A police officer stands in front of a patrol car. Photo: David Inderlied/dpa/Illustration (Photo: dpa)

Directly from the dpa news channel

Montabaur (dpa / lrs) – Fraudsters stole a four-digit sum of money with a shock call from an old woman in the Westerwald district. An unknown person pretended to be a public prosecutor on the phone with the pensioner from Montabaur on Friday evening and claimed that the son had caused an accident, the police said. She should therefore hand over a large sum of cash to an alleged employee of a district court. The woman handed over the money to the unknown collector in an envelope. According to the police, the alleged prosecutor stayed on the phone the whole time to distract the woman. Only after the money was handed over was the over 80-year-old woman able to call her son and ask about it. So the dizziness was exposed. The police are asking witnesses for information.

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