First price increase in years

The new Moosburg indoor pool on the outdoor pool site in Bonau was not ready for the upcoming winter season as planned due to massive problems with some trades. The old small swimming pool in the basement of the town hall will remain in operation for another season. In view of the currently high energy prices and because the fees have not been adjusted since 2013, the city council has now decided to increase the admission prices. Likewise for the ice rink. The same prices have applied here since 2010.

From October, a single ticket in the ice rink will cost one euro more. Adults then pay four euros, young people up to the age of 18 three euros and children up to 14 years of age 2.50 euros. The reduced group of people, such as students, the unemployed and pensioners, must pay three euros. The twelve card is available for adults for 40 euros, reduced for 30 euros and for children up to 14 years of age for 25 euros. Season tickets will not be issued because it cannot be ruled out that the stadium will have to be closed early due to Corona or the energy crisis. However, at the suggestion of sports officer Verena Kuch, there is a family day pass. This gives two adults and their children up to the age of 14 access to the ice rink for EUR 9.50. However, she tends to welcome the slight increase in fees in general, “because it is simply necessary due to the increase in energy prices,” said the sports officer.

Renting ice skates will not be quite as expensive as originally planned by the administration. At the suggestion of Ludwig Kieninger (FW), children and young people will not pay three, but two euros. For adults, the fee is increased to three and not four euros.

Moosburg indoor pool and ice rink: New prices will also apply in the Moosburg ice rink from October.

New prices will also apply in the Moosburg Ice Stadium from October.

(Photo: Marco Einfeldt)

Separate regulations apply to the ice hockey clubs EV Aich and EV Moosburg . Both clubs still have contracts until the start of the 2025 season, so it is currently not possible to increase the fees here. For hobby teams and hobby clubs, however, the user fee has been increased from 100 to 120 euros plus 19 percent VAT per hour of training.

New admission prices will also apply to the small swimming pool from October. The single ticket then costs 50 cents more, and the increase for the 12-ticket is five euros. There are no season tickets here in the coming season either. In the future, adults will pay three euros per day, children and young people from six to 16 years of age two euros and the reduced group of people pay 2.50 euros. Children up to five years are free when accompanied by an adult. Twelve tickets cost 30 euros for adults, reduced 25 euros and 20 euros for children and young people.

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